Industry Figureheads: Hideo Kojima

Part 1

Should Kojima of had his way growing up he would be sat behind a camera now directing the next blockbuster. Film-making was his passion back then and arguably still is. He remembers movie nights each evening with his parents and two elder siblings, where the only rule was no one could fall asleep until the end of the film. By the age of ten his parents would give him money to go to the cinema alone as long as he brought back the program and an extensive review of what he had watched. At school he and a friend would shoot movies on a super 8 camcorder and charge the pupils 50 yen to watch them.

Hideo Kojima as a baby

This is how Kojima expressed himself, something he admits, he struggled with as a child, especially after moving home for the second time and losing his father at just thirteen years old. This had a huge impact on his family emotionally and financially but encouraged young Kojima to make it in the film industry.

Although studying economics at college, filmmaking was never far from his mind, Kojima describes how everyday conversations would soon be hijacked by thoughts of movie-making whisking him and his concentration completely away. Kojima admits that he had little control over this at times which would land him in some comprising situations like falling down storm channels at the side of roads, head in the clouds.

Unfortunately, the truth was film making in Japan was mostly made up of low budgets and B-movie type productions and even opportunities to these parameters were scarce. Kojima needed a different outlet that would cater to his creative flair and his ever-growing imagination. Has luck would have it he crossed paths with Nintendos Famicom and this is where his love for video games began.

Kojima’s decision to drop economics and concentrate on entering the games industry was met with trepidation. Everyone from his lecturer to fellow pupils thought he was making the wrong choice. The only person who supported his decision was his mother. With all the support he needed Kojima applied for a position at Konami, he chose Konami because they were the only Japanese gaming company on the stock exchange.

1983 Microsoft MSX

In 1986 he was given a position planning in the MSX home computer division. Kojima was a little disappointed with the position as he favoured the Nintendo over the MSX, knowing it harnessed more power.

Nether the less he was the assistant director on a game called Penguin adventure a sequel to Antarctic Adventure and the first game to bare Kojima’s name.

1986 Penguin, Adventure

Despite Kojima’s reservations about the MSX, Penguin adventure harnessed significant improvements over Antarctic Adventure and lead to Kojima designing a game called Lost Warld. This game was cancelled as it was too ambitious for the MSX, bringing everything back to Kojima’s desire to work with a more powerful console.

It was at this point Kojima was asked to work on a game the original creator had run into difficulty with. The limitations of the MSX2 had left the game with nowhere to turn. The game, Metal Gear, this is where Kojima’s love affair with this little known title began.

In part 2 we explore –

  • The rise of Metal Gear Solid
  • Hideo Kojima’s rise to fame
  • Kojima and Konami’s turbulent relationship
  • Kojima’s lesser know achievements

Coming soon…..

Shredders Revenge


  • Release date – TBA
  • Players – 4 co-op
  • Devs – Tribute Games
  • Publisher – Dotemu
  • Platforms – TBA

A few weeks ago we answered a poll on Twitter for the franchise we would love to see come back. We answered, The Turtles, with those two little words put into the ether, Publisher Dotemu and producer Tribute games have answered our call.

The collaboration of these two studios is a great one, with Dotemu coming off the back of Streets Of Rage 4 and Wonder Boy – The Dragons Trap and Tribute behind the well-received flinthook and Mercenary Kings.

The games aesthetic is that of the 1991 coin-op Turtles in time and the iconic theme tune has been reworked by faith no mores Mike Pattern. The game will be presented in the only plausible way, has a side scroller. You will work your way through all the familiar locations of N.Y.C including the sewers and dimension X. The lovable Rocksteady and Bebop will be back, ruled over as always by Shredder and Krang.

The Official Trailer

There’s no release date as of yet and no official announcement of launch platforms but you should expect to see this across all consoles and PC.

Industry Figureheads: Hideo Kojima

Some call him the godfather of the games industry, we will 2nd that. The upcoming article will be testament to what Hideo has achieved and things you never knew, hopefully.

Check back in with Station Play UK as we delve into a mind like no other.

  • The article will be live soon.
  • What is your favourite Kojima game?
  • If you have any thoughts to report, head below to make a start.

Thanks to the Hindu for the picture. Click below to land on their site.


What you need to know

People Can Fly have released the best demo I can remember. If this demo doesn’t scream we have total confidence in our game I don’t know what does. Let’s dive into the essential bits of info you need to know.

Outriders have 4 classes which are all playable in the demo with each one capped at level 7. These can be carried over to the main game should you be fond of the character you have formed.

The 4 classes, all available in the demo!

The story, in a nutshell, sees humanity trying to colonise a planet called Enoch. Whilst on this plant in search of an alien signal the mission is derailed due to a massive energy storm named the Anomaly. This storm gives both the colonist and the inhabitants superpowers. The stage is set.

The mysterious Anomaly

Outriders will be a PvE only game. The game can be played from start to finish solo or with up to 3 players. Expect the game to take between 25-30 hours to complete but if you seek out all additional side quests this can triple the playtime.

  • Outriders are being developed by People Can Fly
  • The publisher is Square Enix
  • It will be released on the 1st April 2021
  • The demo is out now!
  • Outriders will be cross-play across Xbox One, SeriesX|S, PS4|5, and PC.

The Mass Effect Bite Size Recap

The Official Reveal Trailer

Ahead of the release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, we figured this a good time for a little recap. With screens from the official EA site, let’s catch up together.
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3

As of May 14th approaches Bioware is releasing more and more info. 4k in HDR is promised across all 3 games along with every piece of DLC, that’s 40 additional pieces of content.

Screen comparison

Also, just like the games of old, your actions in each game will carry over to the next influencing how it begins and where your journey takes you. The screens and videos on the official site show significant improvements in graphical quality with the 1st Mass Effect receiving the most attention.

Screen comparison

All Normandies are set for the Citadel come May and we personally can not wait. From rebuilding our squad to falling in love with an alien. Mass effect really does have it all.

  • Who will be in your squad?
  • What do you remember about the Mass Effect games?
  • Please share in the comments below

Please visit the official EA site by following the link below.

The PSN Revolution

With the X-Box game pass grabbing all the headlines as of late PSN has been left out in the cold. But, if you have been paying attention to PSN’s releases since the start of last year you will have noticed a considerable change in the quality of the games offered. We examine the PSN revolution.

It started in January 2020 with the Uncharted Collection then February with the Bioshock Collection. Throughout the year continued with the likes of Control, Call Of Duty WW2, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the smash hit Fallguys.

20 games offered in November

November offered the biggest change to PSN. Not only was the PlayStation collection on offer for PS5 owners with a subscription but they also offered the brand new PS5 exclusive Bug Snax. This trend has continued with Maneater and Destruction All-Stars on offer each month after.

Oddworld Soulstorm will be released on the 6th April 2021

It’s April’s offering that suggests Playstation is taking the appeal of Game pass seriously. Oddworld Soul storm has had a lot of attention from the PlayStation marketing team and even featured in the latest state of play. For this to be given on PSN and receive the attention it has can only mean great things for gamers.

Some suggest the strong start to the year is just what playstation does and it will drop off as the year progresses. I guess only time will tell but our opinion is playstation can’t afford to offer lacklustre games on any month. X-Box has made its intentions clear, quality subscriptions are where they plan to dominate and the lure of day one released games for a few quid a month will be more tempting if playstation take their eye off the ball.

Whichever way you look at it it’s a great time to be a gamer. Competition between 2 companies generally breeds value for the consumer and that is what we are seeing now. While Playstation is more focused on bringing exclusive games to PlayStation it can’t ignore the value X-Box game pass presents. So far so good for the playstation network but can they keep offering value month after month? We believe they are missing a trick not offering Playstation Now with PSN for say £9.99 a month. A package like this would be of great value compared with game pass.

It will be an interesting year but all signs point to Sony giving as good as it gets.

  • What games would you like to see on PSN?
  • Who do you think offers the most value?
  • Please leave any comments below

Mass effect Legendary Addition Available for Pre Order

The Emails from PlayStation are doing the rounds this morning. Check out the below screens of the official email.

The official trailer
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition is released on the 21st May 2021
  • It will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Check in with us for our preview ahead of release.

Industry Figureheads: Colin Moriarty

Colin seems to be like marmite in the gaming industry. After one tweet that would change the course of his life forever, things have never quite been the same. We delve into the highs and lows of his career from been blackballed by PlayStation, removed from pax, building Kinda Funny, last stand Media and much much more……

My introduction to Colin was through IGN, like so many of you. He definitely stood out as a character unafraid to speak his mind with utter ruthlessness at times, this we loved. His reviews always came across as honest and expressed his views and not some preconceived checkboxes of do’s and don’ts.

Forming a seemingly close relationship with Gregg Miller they quickly became IGN’s most loved. The pair started their own side project called Game Over Gregory which was very well received. So much so in 2014 they created a Patreon to raise funds to launch their own Company. A testament to their popularity it raised $10,000 in 24 hours.

In January 2015 the bat signal was raised, Colin, Greg and Tim “mo fukin”Gettys left the security of full-time employment at IGN to create Kinda Funny.

All was going well until Wednesday 8th March 2017, incidentally International Woman’s Day, Colin sent a tweet saying “Ah peace and quiet” #adaywithoutawoman. To say all hell broke loose over this is an understatement, Colins life was literally turned upside down, so much so he resigned as co-founder of Kinda Funny with immediate effect citing creative differences.

Polygon reached out to Greg Miller who had this to say “The tweet and the whole exchange last week while upsetting, obviously, [Colin’s resignation] is not because of that,” he said. “That is a symptom, if not the most public expression, that there was something happening in terms of us growing apart.”

Listening to Sacred Symbols over time has formed a picture of some of the more personal moments in what came after. Most of Colin’s peer group completely abandoned him, leaving him for dead (our words). Whatever your thoughts about the tweet, the aftermath and true colours shown by people close to Colin must have been a real disappointment.

Colins First Appearance on Joe Rogan

In 2017 Colin would find himself sat, on 2 occasions, in front of the legendary podcaster Joe Rogan. This from an outside perspective was Colins last stand coming to life. He had the understanding of Joe in regards to the tweet and the cutthroat nature of social media. The pod consisted of so much more and really showcased Colin’s knowledge.

The Sacred. Symbols logo

On the 3rd July 2018 Sacred Symbols aired its first show. 139 shows later it’s just going from strength to strength. Ironically the blackballing by Playstion gives the show more appeal. Knowing for a fact they have no legion to this company guarantees there’s no hidden agenda in the topics they discuss each week.

There is no official line as to why playstation wants no association with last stand media, to the point the team receives no review codes of games and literally no response to any enquiries they make.

Even Pax jumped on the bandwagon in 2019, booking the sacred symbols team to come and speak at their show which prompted Colin to announce this to his 9,000 patreons and 20,000 plus listeners on free feeds. Pax then retracted the booking extremely close to the event, refusing to give an acceptable explanation. Colin set out to get refunds for listeners who had incurred any cost should they be going to pax specifically for Sacred Symbols. This too was met with nothing from Pax so Colin announced on his show he would reimburse his listener’s himslef out of his own pocket. Legendary behaviour.

Amongst all this Colin was hard at work developing his 1st game twin breaker, alongside lillymo games. As of July 2020 Twin Breaker surpassed 10,000 copies sold on PS4 and Vita.

Twin Breaker was released on the 24th March 2020

Colin would later become a 49% owner of lillymo games who has recently released Habroxia 2, a side-scrolling space shooter which has a very respectable 72% on Metacritic.

Habroxia 2 released 3rd February 2021

On last week’s Sacred Symbols Colin announced some very disappointing news. Lillymo had secured work porting a yet to be disclosed game. All was well, paperwork submitted when out of the blue the developers requested that Colin was not to be mentioned in any of the work and for it to be passed has a project the owner Barry would do on his own, or at least that is what they wanted the records to show. Another jab at Colin with no given reason as far as we know.

It’s to Colin’s credit that he’s still an active and passionate member of the gaming community. It would be totally understandable if he said a big fuck you to it all. Thankfully that’s not the case. Sacred symbols is just a few members from been the best-supported gaming Patreon with over 10,000 members. Last Stand Media has expanded exponentially in 2021 now broadcasting on YouTube with added shows Defining Duke and Knock Back. Defining Duke is an Xbox pod and Knock Back a retro and nostalgia pod Colin does with his brother. All shows along with sacred symbols are receiving more and more views each week which is a testament to the loyal community Last Stand has built.

So, from us at Station Play UK we thank you for the excellent content you and the team put out each week. You are a success story in your own right and we do hope you don’t mind us telling it.

Here’s to the future!

Sacred Symbolms is available every Monday on free feeds.

You can sign up to the Last Stand Medias patrion through the link below. This gives great perks like getting the show early (on a Friday) and access to a full extra show each week.

The Figureheads Of the Gaming Industry

We have deemed it important to present to you some of the key figureheads of the industry. These people will range from legendary studio heads, business moguls, content creatures, online personalities etc.

We will also add some of our favourite people in the industry who we feel you need to know about. These articles will be a celebration of their accomplishments although the ups do come with downs.

Our first article will be on Colin Moriarty, Last Stand Media founder, X IGN employee, to some a bit of a controversial character (why is a mystery as you will read) to us a Jedi like mind in the industry and someone we listen to regularly. We are sure you will find him as interesting as we do.

Keep your eyes peeled, the article will be published very soon.

  • Who do you think people should know more about?
  • Who would you like to know more about?

The Colin Moriarty article is now live. Catch up as we lay waste to the past and shed light on the ever-growing Last Stand Media.

Next to enter our hall of fame is Hideo Kojima. Check the main page or the menu soon!

Leave your answers in the comments section or please post any alternative suggestions.

Our Top 3 Gaming Podcast!

Here at Station Play, we love a good podcast. Since the dreaded pandemic, they have gone from strength to strength with gaming pods, in our humble opinion amongst the best.

On that note, we would like to dedicate a few words to our favourites. Please click the links under the pictures for the most recent episodes.

Number 3

This is a very British affair and we love it! Gaming talk, random British cuisine puns, garage music and Mc Neat! And this is all for eggs and tomatoes (starters) sorry, I couldn’t resist.

But away from the Tomfoolery these lads give cracking insight into current gaming trends. The humour is very British so quite dry, that along with the knowledge these lads supply makes it a no brainer for the number 3 slot.

Number 2

Almost our number one, can’t lie. The amount of content this team puts out is 2nd to none. With the veteran Greg Miller steering the ship and the new blood of Blessing these guys have it sussed. Every base is covered, with each team member seemingly interested in different gaming genre’s.

The Kinda funny team is very well connected, they often have well-known developers and key figures of the gaming industry contribute to there shows in one way or another.

For sheer content and dedication alone this team almost took number one, Kinda funny is a cracking pod to get stuck into.

Number 1

Sacred Symbols has to be our number one. Colin Moriarty and Chris Ray Gun have excellent chemistry. From Colins Jedi like knowledge of the industry to Chris’s downright funny one-liners and his ever-growing informative speeches on the show’s topics, this pod is going from strength to strength. With the added appearance of Dustin from time to time giving the show that little bit of variety.

Once named Colins last stand now last stand media, this team has switched things up for 2021. You can now see all their beautiful faces on YouTube, they have added an Xbox only show called Defining Duke and the retro podcast Colin does with his brother Dagen is on YouTube too.

I for one am very happy Colin made these decisions. It’s put last stand Media in line with the best of the rest (output wise) but as our list shows, the content and how it’s presented is 2nd to none.

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